Prof. Oded Yarden


The major focus of research in the Yarden lab is the study of molecular mechanisms involved in fungal growth and development. We are currently focusing on the study of cell wall biosynthesis and on involvement of protein phosphorylation in the regulation of hyphal elongation and branching. More recently, we have been studying fungi in their natural environment (including soil and in association with plants and sessile marine animals) and their interactions with other species. We are taking advantage of genetic and biochemical tools developed for such studies, in different fungi, in order to advance our knowledge of fungal biology. We hope that a better understanding of such processes, some of which are unique to fungi, may provide a basis for designing rational approaches to either affect fungal proliferation or enhance specific traits of fungi used in biotechnology.



cot-1, a mutant of the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa, which at higher temperatures alters its growth from a predominantly hyphal-elongation to a multiple-branching pattern.


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    Current Members


    Lab Manager

    • Galya Kayam, MSc

    PhD candidates

    • Anton Fennec 
      "Fungal-cuticle interactions" (in collaboration with the Ziv lab, ARO)

    MSc candidates

    • Nofar Lifshitz 
      "Fungal-coral associations" (in collaboration with the Fine lab, BIU).
    • Ido Taran 
      “Role of SSPs in Pleurotus ostreatus” (in collaboration with the Hadar lab, HUJI).
    • Tom Levi 
      “Imaging RNA in Neurospora crassa
    • Maggie Gortikov 
      “Germination of Trichoderma asperellum
    • Anne Yenewodage 
      “RNA-binding proteins in Neurospora crassa


    • Adva Steiner
    See also: Oded Yarden

    Former Students


    Former students from the Yarden lab have found positions in academia and research institutes (e.g., Israel Institute for Biological Research, The Hebrew Univ., Tel-Aviv Univ., EMBL) in BioTech and MedTech industries (e.g., Novartis, Hazera Genetics, Sigma Chem. Co., XTLbio etc.) and at the Ministry of Health. The following is a list of former students from the Yarden lab:

    • Nava Weiss (MSc, 1995)
    • Shlomo Oved (MSc, 1996 Summa cum laude)
    • Galit Segev (MSc, 1997)
    • Ronit Greenberg (MSc, 1997)
    • Sarit Tabak (MSc, 1997)
    • Ravit Lerental (MSc, 1997)
    • Dr. June Kopelowitz (Post-doctoral fellow, 1997)
    • Oded Erner (MSc, 1998)
    • Yaniv Rotem (PhD, 1998)
    • Einat Yatzkan (PhD, 1999 Summa cum laude)
    • Adi Beth-Din (PhD, 1999)
    • Vered Ziv (MSc, 1999)
    • Inbal Jona (Yassur) (MSc, 1999)
    • Oded Babai (MSc, 1999)
    • Oshrat Propheta (MSc, 2000)
    • Shlomo Bakshi (MSc, 2000)
    • Gil Arbel (MSc, 2000)
    • Aryeh Harel (MSc, 2001 Summa cum laude)
    • Roni Cohen (PhD, 2002)
    • Naama Cohen (MSc, 2003)
    • Alexander Zelter (PhD, 2003)
    • Emanuel Cohen (MSc, 2004 Summa cum laude)
    • Maya Pompan (MSc, 2004)
    • Nourit Cohen (MSc., 2004 Summa cum laude)
    • Eli Reuveni (MSc., 2004)
    • Michal Efrat (MSc., 2004)
    • Haya Sandori (MSc., 2004)
    • Noam Alkan (MSc., 2005)
    • Sally Bercovitch (MSc., 2005)
    • Aryeh Harel (PhD, 2006)
    • Maggie Levy (Post-doc, 2006)
    • Ariel Erental (MSc., 2006 Summa cum laude)
    • Keren Haddad (MSc., 2007)
    • Sigal Horowitz (PhD, 2007)
    • Zipora Resheat-Eini (PhD, 2007)
    • Hila Shomin (MSc, 2007)
    • Efrat Dvash (MSc, 2008 Summa cum laude)
    • Zahi Paz (post-doc, 2008)
    • Carmit Ziv (PhD, 2009)
    • Galia Kra-Oz (MSc, 2009 Summa cum laude)
    • Lena Hazanov (MSc, 2009 Summa cum laude)
    • Pavel Minkov (MSc, 2010)
    • Tali Zviran (MSc, 2010)
    • Youlia Denisov (PhD, 2010)
    • Inbal Gal-Hemed (MSc., 2011)
    • Doriv Knop (MSc, 2011)
    • Bikash Bhattarai (MSc, 2011)
    • Liran Aharoni (MSc, 2012)
    • Carmit Ziv (Post-doc, 2012)
    • Shiri Shamir (MSc, 2012)
    • Daria Feldman (MSc, 2012, Summa cum laude)
    • Dana Tal (MSc, 2012)
    • Tomer Meir Salame (PhD, 2014)
    • Avihai Zolti (MSc, 2014)
    • Sarah Baum (MSc, 2014)
    • Tomer Meir Salame (Post-doc, 2014)
    • Inbal Herold (MSc, 2014, Summa cum laude)
    • Gidi Orgil (MSc, 2014, Summa cum laude)
    • Tomer Gershon (PhD, 2015)
    • Liat Koch (PhD, 2015)
    • Hila Shomin (PhD, 2016)
    • Doriv Knop (PhD, 2016)
    • Michal Halpert (Post-doc, 2016)
    • Eitan Solomon (Post-doc, 2017)
    • Liran Aharoni-Kats (PhD, 2018)
    • Daria Feldman  (PhD, 2019)
    • Eyal Ben-Dor Cohen  (MSc, 2019)
    • Daria Feldman  (Post-doc, 2020)
    • Inbal Herold  (PhD, 2020)


    See also: Oded Yarden

    Microscopes Collection

    See also: Oded Yarden