Prof. Leonid Chernin

Research Interests

  • Bacterial biocontrol agents of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens;
  • Genetics, regulation and mechanisms of the bacteria biocontrol activity;
  • Cell to cell communication (quorum-sensing) in plant-associated bacteria;
  • Genetic manipulation of plant growth promoting bacteria and plants to enhance biocontrol of phytopathogens;,
  • Oncogenicity of Agrobacterium tumefaciens and its control


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Selected Publications


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Growth enhancement of plants 
(US Patent US20140325707 A1, EP 2761007 A1) 
by I. Sela, H. D. Rabinowitch, L. Chernin, R. Mozes-Koch.

A method and kit for detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
(US Patent Application No. 61/947,080) 
by Y. Helman, N. Sobel, S. Shushan, I. Kviatkovski, I. Frumin, L. Chernin.

See also: Leonid Chernin